How to Pick the Best Slitting/Slotting Arbor for a Safe Harbor

Nowadays, slitting and slotting saws are common in the professional CNC shops. These are made for some special purposes. These saws require a reliable slitting arbor. There is some valid reason behind this requirement. First of all, it is important to know the types and functions of slitting arbor.

Types of slitting arbor:

Slitting arbors take an important part in the making of the slit cuts. Slitting cuts can help to slot a screw head by making the slits in clamp right rings or you can mark the graduations on a control knob. These saws are not only handy but these are very delicate as well. Apparently, they may look like the traditional saw blades that are used to cut wood. These are available in various sizes.

If you want to select the best slitting arbor, you should know the types. Let’s find out different types of slitting or slotting arbor to determine which one should be chosen:

1. Standard tooth slitting saw arbor:

Generally, the slotting arbor is meant for using the smallest saws. We should remember one thing that when the saw has fewer teeth, then you can slit the thick material. Do you know about “Jeweler’s saws”? These are finely toothed, very thin saws that never cut deep. Jeweler’s saws can make a slit even in the thin walled tube. We all know that teeth are small and closely set. So, naturally, you can find no room in the gullet for chips to gather. Regardless of size, slitting arbor is usually made of high-speed steel or HSS or carbide. The carbide always requires rigid mounting.

2.Coarse tooth slitting saw arbors:

These are thin and have fewer teeth in comparison to the standard tooth version. These can be helpful when the finishing is not challenging. As these do not have a large number of teeth, they possess larger flute opening that helps in chip evacuation. This kind of arbor permits for deeper depths of cut in materials. These coarse tooth saws are cheaper than the standard one because there are fewer teeth.

3. Side milling cutters:

Side milling cutters possess fewer teeth. This kind of arbor has the same benefits like the coarse tooth slitting saws.

You can choose the right kind of slitting or slotting arbor considering the materials as well. You can get non-ferrous, cast iron, steel and stainless steel as materials. There is no denying the fact that picking the right slitting saw arbor is very important. There are many websites which suggest that a slitting arbor should be simple in its functions and manufacturing process. Well, this is not an ideal suggestion. When you are getting a high-quality slitting saw arbor at an affordable price, then no need to waste your time and material on a not-so-good arbor.

Best features of slitting arbors:

  • Vibra core design helps the cutter vibration to be absorbed through a special heat treating process.

  • Deep low profile caps are used to provide extra support with less cutter slippage. This design also allows the closest cutter to the certain work area.

  • Extra-long reach out to perform any general purpose arbor.

  • Weldon shank

Functions of slitting arbor:

The task of the slitting arbor is not a complex one. The main task of a slitting or slotting arbor is holding your saw. Though it sounds easy, the task needs skills. A bad slitting arbor makes the blade move through the work like a misguided boat wandering through the sea.

If you find your saw flopping around, it is obviously not a good sign. Sometimes, it can happen even after setting up the tooling with great care. The thing takes worst form when the expense is huge. Sometimes people do not want to damage the expensive blades. But do you know that wobbling blades spoil the entire work? Yes, these blades can ruin the work by reducing the speed of cutting.

A bad arbor can make the condition of your saw worse. Standard slitting arbor features a vibra core design. It is basically a heat treating process that permits almost all the cutter vibration to be absorbed. It will make your saw perfectly seated. Often people get confused about which one should be chosen. It would be better if you can get extra support and less cutter slippage from deep and low profile caps. It will help your cutter to be closed to the work area in comparison to other slitting saws available in the market.

Summing up:

Nowadays, the emergence of companies offering the slitting or slotting arbors is remarkable. You should always consider that the selection of slitting arbor is an important matter. Therefore, you should choose a slitting or slotting arbor cautiously.

If you want standard slitting or slotting arbor, Gilespi Inc. can be the right place for you.


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